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It's not just the guys and gals in the event industry who are under constant use and full load, but also their equipment. This also applies to the flight cases in which all the equipment goes on tour. Whether down from the trailer, over rough pavement, up and down ramps or up onto the stage. Event cases are indispensable for transporting event technology. ProCase offers the ideal case for any event technology, whether it's a mixing console, spotlights, line arrays or 19" equipment. Since there is a wide variety of equipment with the most diverse requirements, ProCase produces an individually adapted transport case for each piece of equipment. The main focus of event cases is always the truck packing size of 120 cm to 80 cm. Space in the truck and optimal use in the trailer are the most important assets in the event industry. This enables time-saving loading and unloading of the trucks. And this saves money, too.

19 Inch Racks

The 19" racks from ProCase are suitable for any use in show business. With different wall thicknesses and optional rubber suspension, the racks are suitable for all 19" built-in devices. The racks from ProCase are also convincing in terms of variable depth with various options to choose from.

The Half Size Rack

Unique on the market are the 9.5 inch racks with adjustable rack rails from ProCase. Small and handy with a correspondingly very low weight, the half 19 inch racks enable the installation of e.g. wireless microphone receiver. Accessories in the 9.5 inch range such as a 2 U drawer or an antenna cover are also available.

Stack-Rack modular system

Patent protected and the ultimate 19" rack from ProCase. The stack rack. Whether as a double-door version or as a "QSD" stack rack with slam lids. The Stack-Rack is the ultimate in modular system solutions. The interlocking racks convinces with the highest quality, rubber suspension and many features:


All racks in the Stack-Rack series can be firmly locked together with a latch in the profiles. Accessories include a Stack-Rack roller board, which is equipped with the identical latches, and a Stack trunk.

Adjustable rack rails

The QSD (Quick-Slide-Door) version of the 19 inch stack racks with slam lids is particularly popular because the front and rear rack rails can be adjusted 70 mm in depth. This means that even units with shallower depths or with attachments protruding at the front can be easily accommodated in the rack.

QSD version with retractable lids

Who doesn't know the already huge battle of materials at big events? Unnecessary are lids or add-on parts of cases that have to be removed for operation and then stand around in the way. The QSD (Quick-Slide-Door) version of the stack racks provides a remedy. The slam lids of the racks wich are retractable find space in the case. They are opened and pushed into the top of the case. Nothing gets lost and nothing gets in the way.

Lighting cases

From the old PAR cans to the latest LED technology.
The lighting cases from ProCase offer the optimal protection for spotlights of all types and sizes. For PAR spotlights, we recommend a "simple" compartment extension. Optionally, the compartments can be lined with felt or foam for flawless transport. LED bars also find their hold in the case by means of contour-milled wooden strips and are ideally suited for transport on tour.

Moving light Cases

The expensive moving light fixtures need special protection in the case. For this purpose, ProCase offers SIP foam inlays and also a lighter alternative to SIP foam. A customised and CNC-milled foam with maximum suspension properties allows the moving head to be transported safely in the case.

Pro Audio Cases

ProCase protects with innovative speaker cases, which are precisely adapted to the contour of the speaker with foam in the lid and in the base of the cases. In addition, the speakers are packed face-to-face so that the speaker itself is well protected. An accessory compartment for flying harnesses and other accessories still finds space between the cabinets.

19 inch Rack Accessories

ProCase offers a wide range of 19" accessories to simplify the operation of the built-in units. From various drawers to keyboard pull-outs and XLR plug panels. Also a 19 inch power distribution unit to built in the racks.

Foam inserts

Using the latest CNC technology, ProCase manufactures custom foam inserts for any equipment used in the event industry. Customised inserts for rack drawers to accommodate handheld transmitters or bodypacks are often popular. ProCase also produces fully lined cases with foam milling to ensure maximum protection of the equipment.

Sprinter size system

Event technicians are often not on the road with trucks, but with vans such as Sprinter & Co. For this purpose, ProCase offers cases in the so-called Sprinter size. The size of the Vario-Flex cases, among others, is adapted to the loading area of common Sprinter and van loading areas. We also offer filling cases for the spaces in between to fill even the last corner of the loading area.

Vario-Flex trunk cases

The modular Vario-Flex case system is adapted to almost all requirements of the event industry. The flexibility of these transport cases makes many operations much easier and faster. Equipped with partitions, each Vario-Flex case can be converted into a cable case. In addition, both rack module types (PRO and BASIC) find their place in this system. The Vario-Flex carry case is also precisely matched to the internal dimensions of the large Vario-Flex cases. The system includes a rack function thanks to shelves and removable lids (when set up). This makes the Vario-Flex system the "must have" for everyone in the industry. All cases have the basic dimensions of height x depth 750x600mm. The widths vary between 60cm and 2m. The highest flexibility with the highest quality - that's what makes ProCase stand for.

PRO and BASIC modular multiplex racks

The rack module series are ideally suited for the rental of 19" units. Rack modules are racks in various height units which are stackable and optionally available with front and rear lids. The PRO rack modules have a black textured finish and are delivered ready-assembled directly to your home. The BASIC version is characterised by a PVC-coated multiplex board on both sides, which is flat-packed and sold as a self-assembly kit according to the "IKEA principle". Both racks are produced by ProCase in stock, so that quick availability is guaranteed.

Chain hoist cases

One of the most important components of the "rigging" are motorised chain hoists. These heavy devices must be well fixed in a case so that the devices can be loaded safely. Among other things, not only the drive itself, but also the chain with chain bag and other accessories find place in the ProCase chain hoist case. The robust "Profi-Plus" construction guarantees maximum stability for heavy equipment.


ProCase customers include numerous rental companies, radio and television broadcasters and show equipment manufacturers.
ProCase is certified according to DIN ISO 9001


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