Flight cases for trade fair construction and event catering

First impressions count - your equipment is safely packed in the flight case

Event catering transport cases

The trade fair appearance of companies in any industry is indispensable in today's world. A professional appearance and high-quality equipment create a good impression with potential customers. First impressions count, especially at trade fairs. In order to "look good" during assembly and dismantling and to be able to pack and unpack efficiently, ProCase manufactures high-quality flight cases for all types of trade fair equipment.

Screen Flex Cases

For the transport of screens and displays, ProCase produces the innovative Screen Flex Cases to transport screens up to 95" with the greatest flexibility. Thanks to grooved foam lining and retaining strips in the width and depth, several screens of the same size can be transported.

Cutlery and decoration euipment cases

Catering services can be found at all trade fairs. Cases with CNC-milled foam inserts are ideal for glasses, vases or candle holders of all kinds. Jugs or cutlery are also quickly at hand and well sorted in flight cases. ProCase offers the right case for every event and equipment. Leading car manufacturers, among others, use ProCase exhibition cases.

Transport boxes for exhibition stand lighting fixtures

A large number of lighting fixtures are often needed to illuminate the stand well and to put the highlights of your stand in the right light. Profile spotlights and other electrical components are safely packed in spotlight cases from ProCase. A customised foam extension or a felt-lined compartment extension are the two most common methods of transporting lighting and electrical equipment in a flight case.

Projector Cases

For performances and presentations in front of large audiences, a single display is not enough. Companies are therefore increasingly turning to beamers with screens or LED walls with accessories. Since high-end equipment often cost several 10,000€, they must be well packaged to avoid damage during transport and set-up. ProCase usually produces projector cases according to the same principle. A bonnet case with a raised base, where the equipment is held in place by milled holes in the wood. Under the projector is the accessory compartment where the power cable or remote control can be stored. Optionally, space for various lenses can be included if required.

Flight cases as trade fair furniture

ProCase has even produced cases for the entire exhibition stand. Entire ceiling constructions disappear into flight cases to save space and are optimised for transport and storage. Seating elements as well as tables and wall elements find their place in flight cases.

Cabinet and drawer cases

ProCase offers standards for cabinet cases. Various extensions such as drawers, shelves or worktops make the cabinet cases from ProCase a flexible all-rounder. Whether with a door or a removable lid that converts into a table that can be attached, these features make the cabinet case series from ProCase convincing for every user. The robust design in Profi-Plus makes the cabinet case very stable.

Special packaging for exhibits

The exhibits themselves always need secure packaging, because who wants a trade fair appearance with broken or defective exhibits? ProCase produces customised flight cases and foam inserts. This means that every case is adapted to the challenges ahead and is always easy to handle.

Signage TV Displays

Signage TV displays are popular at trade fairs and exhibitions. They are usually used for general information or as advertising space. In order to avoid a time-consuming dismantling of these display steles, ProCase offers customised cases for the display steles. Lined with partitions and felt, the stele can be transported easily and safely.

Mobile kitchen in a case

Kaffeemaschinen und Kühlschränke sind für Servicepersonal unverzichtbar auf Messen. Auch diese Geräte müssen sicher von Ort zu Ort transportiert werden. ProCase ist in der Lage mehrere Geräte in einem Case zu kombinieren und diese sogar im Case zu betreiben. Zubehör findet meist in Schubladen oder in Fächern Platz. Sogar mit fertig verkabelter Elektrik im Case.

Assembly and workshop cases

With the mounting flight case and tool case, which are manufactured as a system or made to measure, you can operate your mobile workshop. You have all the tools at hand in the drawers of the assembly flight case.


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