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Mobile 19 inch server racks, training cases for notebooks and cases for presentation technology - ProCase is the partner for your IT projects.

30 years of experience for mobile IT packaging

For more than 30 years, ProCase has been supporting you with individual solutions and concepts for your projects. Our customers' desire for more and more mobility in everyday and business life has made us one of the leading providers of mobile rack and workstation solutions. Whether you are looking for a mobile solution for your notebooks, would like to set up training equipment quickly and professionally using plug-and-play, would like to make your server farm more mobile or are simply looking for stable packaging for your screen, you will find it with us. Therefore, we have listed a few examples for you that we have developed in cooperation with our customers.

Training case for notebooks and tablets

For training purposes, a system solution was sought that allows the safe transport of 16 iPads per case and charges them in the case at the same time. In order to guarantee the customer the greatest possible flexibility, in addition to the trolley function of each individual case, they can be strapped together by means of integrated latch fasteners. Using the matching roller board, a complete package for up to 60 iPads can be put together for larger training courses. Three 6-fold charging hubs have been installed in the case, which enable charging in the case. The power is supplied by means of a cold appliance connection on the outside of the case. The cover to the charging compartment is provided with notches, with the help of which the cables can be neatly connected to the charging hubs. This gives a clean and professional external appearance. The case can be locked with a combination lock (3-digit combination).

Robust system solutions for 19 inch racks

Flexibility, stability and handling are important criteria for the mobile use of technical equipment. An example of this is the ProCase 19" rack system, which the multinational military large-scale unit "Eurocorps" works with successfully. Designed to protect sensitive IT hardware, the system simultaneously meets several handling requirements. Each rack unit has IT-capable rack rails and is equipped with vibration dampers. The most important feature of this system, however, is the possibility of firmly connecting the individual rack units to each other by means of concealed latch locks. This means that a wide variety of IT systems can be flexibly combined with each other, depending on the intended use and scenario. The same connection system is also used to lock the roller board to the rack. The castors make it easy to move the units. Since the system is also used in hot areas, ventilation of the units during a deployment is important. Papst fans are used to cool the units during use. In addition, the lockable lids are equipped with perforated plates for passive ventilation.

Mobile broadcast technology flight cases

For the fast live transmission of your concerts on the internet! A well-known band was looking for a mobile solution to put all their equipment in a case in order to make the cut of their concerts directly on site. The wish behind this was a faster concert transmission to the net. The boxes could be attached to the sides by means of a removable wooden construction. During transport, they are stored in a drawer.


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