Colors & Coatings

Durable flight case laminate and easy to clean

Even after years your flight cases will still look presentable, because the ProCase surfaces in attractive colors are resistant and easy to clean. This is ensured by wall materials with a dyed-through hard coating that is visually appealing with its leather-like structure.

Wide range of available colors

With ProCase you can choose from a wide range of colors, because the days of dreary monotony are long gone. With a flight case in your company corporate color you support your unique external appearance. In addition, you can use the color to build up an order system so you can find your case quickly; e.g. the color yellow for your exhibition stand, blue for your exhibits, red for tools. You can also receive the ProCase sample card for the selection of colors free of charge.

You need a color that is not included in our color selection? – Ask directly for it – there are some colors, which may not be listed here. In addition, you can also get a special color made for you, if your total quantity is more than 500 flight cases, depending on size.

Colors for flight cases

Flight case color black RAL 9004

RAL 9004

Flight case color blue RAL 5010

RAL 5010

Flight case color orange RAL 2008

RAL 2008

Flight case color phenolic brown

Phenolic brown - discontinued

Flight case color white RAL 9010

RAL 9010

Flight case color cobalt blue RAL 5013

Cobalt blue
RAL 5013

Flight case color turquoise RAL 5018

RAL 5018

Flight case color phenolic black

Phenolic black

Flight case color bordeaux RAL 4004

RAL 4004

Flight case color night blue RAL 5022

Night blue - discontinued
RAL 5022

Flight case color olive RAL 6003 (military camouflage green)

RAL 6003

Inside lining grey RAL 7037

Interior coating grey

Flight case color grey RAL 7037

RAL 7037

Flight case color sky blue RAL 5015

Sky blue
RAL 5015

Flight case color chocolate brown RAL 8017

Chocolate brown – unavailable
RAL 8017

Flight case color slate grey RAL 7015

Slate grey
RAL 7015

Flight case color yellow RAL 1023

RAL 1023

Flight case color green RAL 6029

RAL 6029

Flight case color ocean blue RAL 5020

Ocean blue
RAL 5020

Flight case color red RAL 3020

RAL 3020

Flight case color aluminium stucco textured

Alu Stucco

Colors for studio furniture

Textured black coating